Founder Claudia Mauer

Claudia Mauer is entrepreneur, lawyer, designer and founder of Atelier Signoria. Her passion is the beauty of manufactured luxury products. She has a 15 years experience in the luxury industry. 

Her first project 15 years ago was the establisment oft he world reowned Design studio Doni & Associati. Then she sucessfully introduced the most traditionale stationery brand Francesco Pineider with stationery and leather goods in Germany. She recently initiated the new luxury tea brand Babingtons Tea Rooms in several countries in Europe. Her clients include names like Alcozer, Babingtons Tea Rooms, Brandimarte,  Fauchon Paris, Forliving Srl, Duffler of Sweden, Doni & Associati, Giallo Grigio, Kuna Khula, Launer London, Mastraan Export, Luisa Spagnoli, Mercurio, Pineider, Sapaf Atelier 1954, Van Laack among others.

Atelier Signoria Claudia Mauer - Villa Cora, Florence
Atelier Signoria Claudia Mauer - Jelmoli Zürich
Atelier Signoria Terrasse der Unendlichkeit, Villa Cimbrone
Atelier Signoria  Dimitrij Korneychuk- Jelmoli Zürich

Dimitrji Korneychuk

Dimitrji Korneychuk is an experienced Sales Trainer and Brand Ambassador for luxury brands. He also works as Actor and Model.

His experience includes: Babingtons Tea Rooms, Launer London, Sapaf Atelier 1954, Greta Mauer Firenze, Amour Fou Art Project.

Dr. Roberto Fedi

Fedi & Associates

Value Innovation, Strategic Marketing

Blue Ocean Strategy, BBDO, Leo Burnett, AC MILAN, Deutsche Bank, Allianz, Barilla, Knorr, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, Unilever